membuat karangan dalam bahasa inggris

berikut ini adalah contoh karangan dalam bentuk bahasa ingris . semoga anda suka dengan karangan di bawah ini dan meenjadi inspirasi untuk anda .

because i love u , ... love is all there is 
It's finally my time to write this incredible story of my love, my life. About a few months ago I felt I was in a rut. I wasn't studying, was not really going anywhere with my life, work was the same old, when people asked me what was new with me, the answer was always, "yea, same old, same old". But I decided it was about time I took a step back and look at my life. I need change, A HUGE Change. Plus my relationship with my boyfriend was not going as well as I hoped, after a year together.

I decided enough was enough, I read "The Secret" again, I read stories from the website, read " The Power" and "The Magic". Yes, I was soaked in positive thoughts, and I sure was inspired. I did everything said, I did an amazing Vision book on how I wanted my life to be, ( and believe it or not, half the book has already been fulfilled), my gratitude journal is nearly finished, ha ha I have way too many things in my life to be grateful for, and the magic was LOVE. Because even in the Bible, Love is the greatest gift. I followed this closely. I learned to love life, love the weather, love plants, love my boyfriend, love my friends, love my family, love my job, love money and feel the passion of all the things I love.

I saw things change, IMMEDIATELY. I was always blessed with lots of money, money was attracted to me, my boyfriend and I are tighter than ever, I have never been so in love as I am now. Every morning I fall more in love with him than I was the night before. Amit loves me so, so, so very much and I am so grateful for him, he is my true love, my one and only and every night I tell him how lucky I am having him in my life. We are now planning to move into a penthouse apartment in the city. I got accepted into the best University in New Zealand, and am doing something I love and am passionate about. I have so many new friends and we have so much of fun.

My relationship with my dad which was really bad for the last 20 years of my life have improved so much, he just bought me a ticket to go back home so that he can spend time with me and he loves me so much. I am so blessed. I also have lost about 10 kg's, which is amazing. I look absolutely amazing in everything I wear. Yes, I am living the life. I am so grateful. I found the best way to cheer me up and get me out of my FUNK was listening to go music. I love listening to Ingrid Michaelson, who makes the best music known to mankind, its the happiest music and all she sings is about LOVE. My favorite song is " You And I ", please listen to it, it's amazing. Be positive, love everything and everyone and be GRATEFUL for life, for everything you have got. I love you, yes your reading it, and I hope I have inspired you . Have a great day guys.

cerita yang kedua ..
I Want to be a Leader, but…
Over my educational and professional career,  I have worked for and with organizations that include major corporations, federal and local governments, public utilities, three academic institutions, consulting firms, and my own small business. This has afforded me the opportunity to discuss the ups, downs and challenges of the work environment with many, many individuals including CEOs, C-level executives, managers, clients, co-workers, subordinates, peers in other organizations, and members of professional organizations.

The manager is a copy. The leader is an original.

It is important for me to acknowledge that I was trained and mentored by some outstanding individuals who had exceptional administrative and technical skills. I also have had the fortunate experience to see the best and worst in business operations and practices, and the people who come with each group. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my exposure to the worst of what the work place has to offer has served me extremely well. These organizations did not have a shortage of BAITERs, Haters, and social climbers who created pandemonium and chaos, and thrived under these conditions. [See previous post, BAITERs, Haters, and Social Climbers]

The manager asks how and when? The leader asks what and why?

While I am fortunate to know several handfuls of professionals who have or are in C-level positions or higher, I know many, many more who aspire to be a manager, vice president, or hold a C-level position within their organization. Further probing and more discussion eventually shook out that contravening conjunction, but! I want to be a leader, but…

The manager maintains. The leader develops.

Every excuse that one can think of has and will be offered after but. There are women who believe that their gender is a barrier to the leadership ranks. I won’t hesitate to acknowledge that although we are in the second decade of the new millennium, gender discrimination still exists. However, it does not prevent one from being a leader in his or her organization. We know that based on information provided in a previous post, Is There a Leader in Your Leadership. Being a leader is not dependent on holding a position in your organization.

The manager focuses on systems and structures. The leader focuses on people.
The previous post also identified the difference between a manager, a leader and leadership. Great examples of the differences between  manager and leader are offered by Warren Bennis in his book: On Becoming a Leader, and they appear throughout this post in italics. Although Bennis’ book was published 20 years ago, these leadership concepts are still very true today! Bennis states that one of the primary roles of a leader is to inspire and motivate. If that is true, then you do not need to be in a position or have positional authority to inspire and motivate others.

The manager relies on control. The leader inspires trust.

Now back to those buts! Race and ethnicity have also been identified as barriers to leadership positions. Since I am a woman of color, I also have my knowledge and scar tissue on this one. I will be the first to admit that racism has yet to sink to the depth of the ocean’s floor like the mighty Titanic, and it is 2013. Yet racism does not prevent one from being a leader in most organizations..

semoga bermakna ... +Rinal Purba
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